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hey, im new to this experience of long distance & my boyfriend just got sent out to ft. benning for basic. its been since january that he’s been gone and training and he’s already sending me letters saying there’s a huge chance he might get deployed to korea, i guess because of the threats they’re sending to our country. not only am i super confused and nervous (because it’s not a for sure thing yet) but i honestly don’t know what to think anymore. I was and still am taking everything one step at a time but hearing about deployment already is driving me crazy. Any sort of advice would help me a lot, it seems like everyone here doesn’t understand and hearing from girls who went through it might ease my mind. Thank you so much.


It’s very normal to be overcome with emotions right now, so don’t beat yourself up about it or anything. Honestly, North Korea threatens the United States ALL the time; it just doesn’t always make it’s way into the news unless there’s not much else to talk about and in this case there was. They (North Korea) don’t have a drone or nuke big enough to even hit the United States, so they’re one of the last things you should be worrying about right now. They always tell the guys in basic training that they’re gonna deploy right away. It pumps them up and gets them ready for absolutely anything to come because it really can be absolutely anything. Chances are he’s going to finish basic training, go to AIT or OSUT, and then get to his duty station. I have countless friends in the military, Army especially, and only one of them deployed straight out of AIT but that was because he had a unique MOS and they needed him ASAP. With the war winding down (it’s actually just a “conflict” now) and everything people aren’t deploying nearly as often, and I’ve heard of a handful of them getting cancelled or push back regardless.

Like you said you’re doing just take it one step at a time. Get through these 10 weeks of basic, and then get through the months of MOS school, and then IF a deployment happens you deal with it then. Rumors of deployment will be around him ALL the time, by the way, so don’t stress about it until there are actual papers in his hand. I’ve had to learn that the hard way these last few months, and so now I just ignore it and laugh until the day those papers are written up with his name and all that stuff.

Remember you always have people to talk to - us, other milso’s on Tumblr, friends/family (though I know they can be not so understanding), etc. - you’re NEVER alone! Stay strong and’s another day down right now!

- Kindra

Anonymous said: Hi! Sorry if you guys have already been asked this as I've just recently found this blog but do you two have your own other blogs too? Cause I know I'd definitely love to follow both of you if you do

Yes our personal blogs are and :)

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lilgreenbean290 said: Hi, my husband is being stationed at Corry Air Station in Pensacola, Fl and I was wondering if there were any wives or anybody in that area. I was hoping to have some friends when we move there in a few weeks.

anyone? :)

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